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New Beginnings

2014-06-23 04:20:22 by xChaotic94x

Things change, people change. That's why I'm writing this post. I know I probably don't have any followers or fans, in that case it makes it more for myself.

Alot of things have happened in the past year, not neccassarily good things either. I felt like it was time for me to stop moping and start facing my problems head on and start putting the past back to the past and leaving it there, where it belongs. Starting fresh so to speak.

Computer art this time :P

2010-01-21 12:07:06 by xChaotic94x

Started getting into computer programmes, still a newb, but getting second peice using (the first one died on me and i couldn't open it -.-')

Computer art this time :P

I found it!

2010-01-15 12:07:54 by xChaotic94x

I found my other CC picture, the full finished Forest Guardian. :D

I found it!

Getting into things...

2010-01-13 16:27:52 by xChaotic94x

I'm starting to get the jist of art, it's never been so appealing to me till now, and seeing as my art is of poor quality or not as good as many of the artists on newgrounds, i still enjoy drawing something i like, or using it to express my feelings on occassions, especially to my girlfriend Laura. :D For example the Love Never Dies picture i posted earlier, and also my CC Pictures. (more to come, although Laura has most of them and i need pictures :P)